Alloy Steel

We supply Alloy Steel in the form of a round bar and wire rods coils. Property determines the quality of the product. We provide UT (Ultrasonically Tested) OK material and VD (Vacuum-Degassing) route material of various renowned brands. The quality assurance system of brands we supply are equipped with modern equipment. Highly skilled workforce constantly strives to get the best of products by controlling the entire process at every vital point.

Carbon(Alloy) Steel
Carbon Manganese Steel : SAE1541
Case Hardening (Alloy) Steel
Chrome Manganese Steel: 16MnCr5, 20MnCr5
Nickel Chrome Moly Steel: SAE8620 , AISI 1141
Through Hardening (Alloy) Steel
Chrome Moly Steel: SAE4140
Ball Bearing Steel: En31, SAE52100
Free/ Semi Free Cutting Steel: En1A(PB), En8DM, En8M


Alloy Steel Suppliers