TMT (Thermo Mechanically Treatment) Bars

TMT Bars are the most essential element in the growth of infrastructure in our country. They are used to strengthen the entire building structure during any natural calamity like an earthquake. It bonds perfectly with cement due to its rib pattern with the higher AR value and ductility that particularly means more resilience to any kind of load. TMT Bars are easily butt welded, lap welded and manual arc-welded without any pre-heating, due to its low carbon content. The special corrosion-resistant grades are used for coastal areas as well as moist land. The periphery of TMT Bars is hard while the core is comparatively soft which makes it ductile. Its inherent microstructures of the soft-core make easily bendable.


Size 8 MM 10 MM 12 MM 16 MM 20 MM 25 MM 28 MM 32 MM 36 MM 40 MM
Sectional Weight (Kg/m) 0.395 0.617 0.888 1.578 2.466 3.854 4.830 6.313 7.990 9.876


  • IS 1786 Fe 500 D
  • IS 1786 Fe 550 D
  • Corossion Resistent Steel(CRS)

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  • Residential Buildings
  • Airports and Metro rails
  • Roads, Bridges, and Flyovers
  • Commercial Complexes
  • Dams
  • Industrial Structures.
  • Power Plants


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